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the sport becomes the show

A show by Barbara Cardinetti
From the idea of Antonio Gnecchi Ruscone
Technical Consultant: Emanuela Maccarani
Choreography: Barbara Cardinetti
Cast: the female Italian champions of rhythmic gymnastics

Rhyth.mix is an entirely female company, comprised of Italian champions of rhythmic gymnastics, in which rhythm, synchronicity, beauty and elegance are executed in perfect harmony of technique, dance, music and color.

The body as an exhibit of elegance, the beauty as a fusion of shapes and forms, the joy as bursts of color, the music as the harmony of movement: Rhyth.mix embodies all of this.

The success of rhythmic gymnastics in big sports arenas across the world inspired Barbara Cardinetti and Antonio Gnecchi of Bags Entertainment in the production of this original and bold project: a company that capitalizes on the extraordinary potential of props such as clubs, ropes, balls, ribbons, and rings through the rhythm of dance, thanks to the athletic talent, ability, and discipline of its athletes.

Even the world of television has acknowledged the potential of this fusion of styles and the women of Rhyth.mix have served as the dance ensemble for two of the biggest Italian television shows: the Fiorello show in 2009 on Sky and Scherzi a Parte with Luca and Paolo on Channel 5 in April and May of this year.

Rhyth.mix is a blend of genres and techniques such as the brilliance of extreme movements, the integration of rhythm and dance and the synchronicity of movement. Simply put, it is a vision of art. Athletes move harmoniously, in sync with the stage-lights, in an intense, striking and almost dream-like atmosphere. These gymnasts have transformed the component of elegance and femininity in a complex discipline like rhythmic gymnastics, under the choreography of Barbara Cardinetti, an Italian champion of rhythmic gymnastics in 1992.

Rhyth.mix also integrates unique stagecraft, with unexpected and attention-grabbing effects, which accentuate the contemporary aspect of the show.

The cast is composed of female Italian athletes who have gravitated towards the Italian National Team. Among them are also Italian champions, Olympic Medalists, and World Champions.

Within professionals who serve as consultants to the show, stands out Emanuela Maccarani, CTN responsible for much of the Olympic success of the Italian National Rhythmic Gymnastics team. Length of the show: 85 minutes