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Soqquadro Italiano


Vincenzo Capezzuto, voice

Caudio Borgianni, artistic and stage direction

Soqquadro Italiano is a music project created by Claudio Borgianni and Vincenzo Capezzuto. The idea for his project comes from the common interest in music, theater and the italian artistic production at the turn of the sixteenth and seventh centuries.


Soqquadro Italiano is a music ensemble

Each project is designed and developed by opening the eyes to all the languages of art,with the will and the interest of a constant CONTAMINATION.

Soqquadro Italiano is a theater company

The repertoire ranges from early music, jazz, traditional and pop while remaining open and receptive to create new FUSIONS.

Soqquadro Italiano is a creative group

Every event, show or concert that we realize is characterized by the ability to adapt to the needs of the request through careful CUSTOMIZATION WORK.

Soqquadro Italiano is a dance company

A mix of professional experiences and interests that come together to find that freshness and lightness in the relationship with public, like the live performance that in Italy it has always produced. A constant research of past and present to discover the originality and the sense of disorder-order that we share in the word ITALIAN.


Vincenzo Capezzuto, singer

Besides being an international dancer, Vincenzo Capezzuto is also a singer. He worked both as a dancer and a singer with Guido Morini and the Accordone Ensemble and with Marco Beasley in the show The Temptation of the Evil at the Mozarteum Theater in the Salzburg Music Festival.

He also performs with L'Arpeggiata, directed by Christina Pluhar, and features on the ensemble’s most recent recording Via Crucis. He also participates on the famous recording “Ti amo anche se non so chi sei” together with the most prestigious italian singers as: Franco Battiato, Lucio Dalla, Massimo Ranieri, Gianni Morandi,Roberto Ferri.

In November 2010, he was invited as singer and dancer by the European Baroque Orchestra directed by Christina Pluhar, touring all over Europe, singing traditional and baroque songs. Vincenzo created along with Claudio Borgianni: Soqquadro Italiano.


Claudio Borgianni, artistic director

After completing his musical studies, Claudio makes numerous national and international theater tours.

As a playwright and director has worked for the company Bauci Teatro from 2006 to 2011 designing and developing several projects including musical theater: Oreste: ormai nemmeno i sofficini sorridono più, Storia di un fiore, I semafori rossi non sono Dio, Il bullone del Mangia.

In 2009 he signed the drama for the show with the Orchestra Accademia Bizantina for the festival Contemporaneamente Barocco, directed by Alessio Rosati. In 2010 he collaborated with the Orchestra La Verdi of Milan for a project on the Neapolitan music of the eighteenth century.

He has also worked as a writer to the CD “È tutta colpa dell’amore” by Roberto and Marinella Ferri, that will be released in April 2012.

In 2011 he founded together with Vincenzo Capezzuto Soqquadro Italiano.