About Us

Studiomusica Hungary is a new Hungarian musical management founded with the intent of acting in different areas of the music world and in the entertainment business. We offer sophisticated, comprehensive services to cover the needs of companies, groups, institutions and individuals in music, dance, theatre, opera and musicals, both in the classical music world and in the entertainment market.

Studiomusica Hungary is based in Budapest Hungary, but it is closely linked to its Italian and international partner companies: Studiomusica, Bags Entertainment, Studiomusica USA and Italian Music Center.

Thanks to its international network, the management acts like a bridge between Easter European countries in the Danubian area and the rest of the world, without forgetting the peculiar Italian brand of its origins.

Through these contacts we can help both the Italian institutions to increase their international exposure to Eastern Europe, and the institutions, festivals, ensembles and artists of the Danubian area to extend their influence both to the complex Italian market and their international links.

The agency, founded by the Italian music managers Giorgio Barbolini and Davide Cicchetti, was conceived as an enterprise capable of competing in an evolving international cultural and entertainment market. As such, our company combines versatility, reliability, and the skill to compete in the sector.